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        Measuring & Analysis Equipment

        Based on experiences of the sensing technology for many years, we offer various products below. The oxygen analyzers are embedded into semiconductor manufacturing processes and also contribute to stable production. The ultrasonic sensors offer high-precise inspecting technologies from industrial applications to medical applications. The water quality analyzers have strength for monitoring organic substances in factory effluent. The fluid processing devices use unique mixing technologies to achieve even mixing. The densitometers and viscometers are essential for process monitoring. These distinctive products enable us to meet customer demands widely.

        Fluid Process Equipment

        We provide outstanding devices for fluid processing by various ways. Such as the production process management and control for chemical/synthetic fiber machines, and the precision measuring devices for determining liquid properties such as a density and viscosity, and the material control devices for fluid mixing and other processes.

        Ultrasonic Sensors

        We supply ultrasonic sensors with advanced technologies for use in everything from semiconductors and industrial applications to medical applications.

        Fiber Measurement Equipment

        We supply devices for measuring various fiber properties throughout the production process, from synthetic fiber spinning to inspection

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