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        Laser Micro Trimming Equipment LMT-HR Series

        With our unique optical design and alignment technology, the LMT-HR Series offer best solution for the analogue memory semiconductors' fuse cutting.

        Made-in-Japan parts are adopted for the major parts (such as laser light source, optical system, and stage etc.) to ensure stable supply.
        The size request from 4~12 inches can be accommodated.
        Our unique optical design and alignment technology enabled ultra-accurate trimming accuracy. The defective wires on the semiconductor wafer can be cut and the fuses within the IC chips can be trimmed to adjust the resistance.

        Example process

        Example of laser processing

        LMT-HR Series Specification

        Light source DPSS Laser (Class 4)
        Wavelength 1342nm
        Frequency 30KHz
        Pulse width 20ns
        Pulse energy Max 10uJ/Pulse
        Spot size Φ2~6μm(adjustable)
        Wafer size 4~12inch(partially optional depending on the model)
        Alignment Accuracy ±0.2μm (measurement on Toray Engineering's TEG substrate)
        Process time ≦10min.(Φ6inch,500K shots, 300 lines)
        • Related terms
          • Laser processing
          • High speed processing
          • High precision processing
          • Laser trimming
          • Laser trimmer
          • Semiconductor
          • Analog semiconductor
          • Fuse
          • DRAM Memory


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Laser processing > Laser processing

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