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        Laser Micro Trimming Equipment LMT Series

        Pattern processing and trimming of failed chip on the glass substrate and wafer are realized by laser ablation

        The laser wavelength can be changed depending on the material of the work .
        The laser spot diameter can be minimized to 2μm square.
        Enabled trimming of failed Mini ?Micro LED chips and wiring .
        The laser spot diameter can be adjusted in the range of □2μm~□150μm .
        Flexible processing depending on the failed area is possible.

        Example of LED processing (Adjustable laser spot trimming ※Patented)Patented


        LMT Series Specification

        Substrate size ~□470㎜, ~ 12 inch
        Laser wavelength 1064nm / 532nm / 355nm / 266nm
        Tact time Depend on trimming specifications.
        Processing precision ±2μm
        • Related terms
          • Direct processing
          • High speed processing
          • High precision processing
          • Patterning
          • Laser processing


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Laser processing > Laser processing

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