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        Super High Accuracy Flip Chip Bonder (for optical devices)



        Super high accuracy flip chip bonders for miniature chips such as optical devices.
        Fully automatic machine equipped with tray-fed chip loader, as well as substrate loading and unloading functions.


        • "Unique Ceramic Heater Head" and "Fine Substrate Stage Leveling System," wide-range profile control is available.
          In addition, it can achieve excellent surface stability.
        • Through the vibration-proof design and environment temperature auto-calibration software, stable productivity and durability are maintained.
        • By adopting an "air bearing" in the bonding head, excellent low pressure bonding operation is achieved.

        Optional functions

        Anti-vibration device; bonding inspection unit, etc.

        Specifications for OF2000

        Substrate size(mm) 2–20 mm long x 2–20 mm wide (t=0.1–1.0 mm)
        Chip size(mm) 0.2–10 mm long x 0.2–10 mm wide (t=0.1–1.0 mm)
        Cycle time(*1) / Cycle time 15sec/chip substrate handing 15sec
        Alignment accuracy (3σ) ±0.5μm(X,Y) ±0.2°(0)(*2)
        Bonding force(N) 0.049-9.8
        Heat tool temperature(℃) RT-500 Ceramic heater
        Stage temperature(℃) RT-500 Ceramic heater

        *1 Does not include processing time (i.e. head touchdown, bonding and vacuum release).
        *2 Distance between makes is 200 μm


        • CONTACT US
        • Tokyo office: +81-3-5962-9773

          Shiga office: +81-77-544-1892

        Technological Field
        Technology >> Encapsulation, bonding, flip chip > Flip Chip Bonders

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