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        Flip Chip Bonder (for SiP/COC/CSP)



        • Semi-automatic flip chip bonder.
        • Able to meet needs ranging from R&D to small volume production.
        • Capable of stacking application in various programs for handling 3D packaging.
        • Can be used for a variety of bonding processes and devices, such as ultrasonic, flux, NCP, NCF, TSV, and Cu pillars.


        • Able to achieve high accuracy (±2 μm) with its moving search function and highly stiff frame.
        • The system is exchangeable among ultrasonic bonding processes, thermo-compression processes and solder processes, by a simple change-over. (Head change-over time: about 15 minutes)
          It is possible to set a variety of temperature and pressure profiles, with the unique ceramic heater and pressure control method.
        • Able to achieve the most appropriate gap with its unique head gap control function.
        • Can be used for low pressure to high pressure regions by changing over the head.

        Optional functions

        Ultrasonic head; ultra-low pressure head; ceramic heat stage; face up bonding; dispenser; flux; bonding inspection unit; upper communication, etc.

        Specifications for FC3000S

        Substrate size(mm) Ceramic heater type 3–30 mm long x 3–30 mm wide (t=0.025–1.0 mm)
        Constant heater type 30–230 mm long x 30–60 mm wide (t=0.05–1.0 mm)
        Substrate types Glass Epoxy, FPC, Ceramics, etc.
        Chip size(mm) Thermo-compression process *1 30–20 mm long x 30–20 mm wide (t=0.05–1.0 mm)
        Ultrasonic bonding process 3–15 mm long x 3–15 mm wide (t=0.05–1.0 mm)
        Ultra-low pressure bonding process 3–10 mm long x 3–10 mm wide (t=0.05–1.0 mm)
        Number of chip types 1-2
        Chip orientation Face down
        Cycle time*2*3 6.0 [sec/chip]
        Alignment accuracy (3σ) *4 ±2 [μm] (X, Y)
        Pressurization force [N] High-stiffness head 9.8-196
        Ultra-low pressure head 0.049-9.8
        Bonding head type Ultrasonic head 50kHz, 150W temperature RT, 100 [℃], 150 [℃], 180 [℃], 200 [℃]
        Ceramic heater head temperature RT~450 [℃]

        *1 Large-sized chip (max. 30.0 mm long x 30.0 mm wide) can be processed as an option.
        *2 The time required for setting substrate is not included.
        *3 Cycle time does not include processing time (i.e. loading, bonding and vacuum release time).
        *4 Accuracy measurement is taken using Toray-standard substrates.


        • CONTACT US
        • Tokyo office: +81-3-5962-9773

          Shiga office: +81-77-544-1892

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