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        FC3000W series

        Flip Chip Bonder for Chip on Wafer (COW)





        Flip chip bonder (for Chip on Wafer)
        Capable of stacking application in various programs for handling 3D packaging.
        Can be used in various work processes such as flux, NCP, NCF, and Cu pillars.


        • Able to handle 12-inch wafers.
        • A variety of temperature, pressure, and height profile settings are possible due to its own unique ceramic heater, and control method for pressure and position.
        • Able to achieve high accuracy (±2 μm) with its moving search function and highly stiff frame.
        • Able to achieve the most appropriate gap with its unique head gap control function.
        • Can be used for low pressure to high pressure regions by changing over the head.

        Optional functions

        Ultra-low pressure head; face up unit; dispenser; flux; bonding inspection unit; upper communication, etc.


        Semi-automatic flip chip bonder for small volume production.

        Fully automatic flip chip bonder with chip loader.

        Fully automatic flip chip bonder for mass production, with chip feeder, and wafer loader/unloader.

        Specifications for FC3000W series

        Specification/Model FC3000WS FC3000W FC3000WL
        Machine type Semi-automatic COW bonder for R&D use Bonder with chip loader for mass production use COW bonder with chip loader and wafer loader/unloader for mass production use
        Substrate size 8”,12” t=0.725-1(㎜) 8”,12” t=0.725-1(㎜) 8”,12” t=0.725-1(㎜)
        Chip size (mm): Thermo-compression bonding *1 3–20 mm long x 3–20 mm wide (t=0.05–1.0 mm) 3–20 mm long x 3–20 mm wide (t=0.05–1.0 mm) 3–20 mm long x 3–20 mm wide (t=0.05–1.0 mm)
        Chip type 1-4 1 1
        Chip loading method 2”/4” tray Wafer or tray pallet Wafer or tray pallet
        Chip orientation Face down(Face up possible with an optional unit) Face up Face up
        Cycle time *2 6.0sec/chip(when flipper is used) 2.0sec/chip 2.0sec/chip
        Alignment accuracy (3 σ)*3 ±2μm(X,Y) ±2μm(X,Y) ±2μm(X,Y)
        Bonding head type Ceramic heater head:temperature RT-450℃ Ceramic heater head:temperature RT-450℃ Ceramic heater head:temperature RT-450℃

        *1 Large-sized chip (max. 30.0 mm long x 30.0 mm wide) can be processed as an option.
        *2 Cycle time does not include processing time (i.e. searching, bonding and vacuum release).
        *3 Accuracy measurement is taken using Toray-standard substrates.


        • CONTACT US
        • Tokyo office: +81-3-5962-9773

          Shiga office: +81-77-544-1892

        Technological Field
        Technology >> Encapsulation, bonding, flip chip > Flip Chip Bonders

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