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        Synthetic fiber and film production technology

        Synthetic fiber is a core product of the Toray Group, while supplying plants for the manufacture of this product is one of Toray Engineering’s longest-running businesses.
        From polymerization process to spinning and advanced processing. As one of few companies capable of providing total engineering solutions, we export and construct synthetic fiber manufacturing plants in a variety of countries and regions.
        From polyester used in clothing and other familiar everyday fibers, to tire cords and other fibers used in industrial materials. Toray Engineering has contributed to the world’s fiber industries, dealing in plants manufacturing a range of synthetic fibers.
        In partnership with our parent company, Toray Industries, we also export plants incorporating our parent’s process know-how.

        Licensed technologies

        Following is a list of achievements by technological plants involved in licensing in the past. Please note that some licensing services are unavailable at this time. Please contact us for specific details.

        In addition, with Toray Group companies also possessing elemental technologies for film, including stretching and recovery technologies, we have been able to offer plants that include construction and air conditioning.

        List of licenses

        Products Licensing technology Country
        Nylon 6 Polymerization technology
        Recycling (depolymerization) technology
        Technology producing filament yarn for clothing
        Integrated plant manufacturing tire yarn/cord
        BCF for carpets
        Taiwan, Mexico
        Thailand, South Korea
        Nylon 66 Technology producing filament yarn for tire cords
        Technology producing filament yarn for clothing airbags
        South Africa, United States
        United States
        Polyester Polymerization technology (batch, continuous)
        Solid phase polymerization technology
        Technology producing filament yarn for clothing
        Continuous polymerization spinning (POY) technology POY/DTY plants
        Technology producing stable fiber
        Many countries
        South Korea
        Many countries
        Former Soviet Union
        Taiwan, Korea
        Plastic chemicals ABS production technology
        Polypropylene film production technology
        Para-xylene/DMT production technology
        Former Yugoslavia
        Other Plant diagnosis
        • Technological support
        • General production technologies
        • Energy-saving technologies
        • Maintenance technologies
        Many countries


        • CONTACT US
        • Tokyo office: +81-3-3241-1973

          Shiga office: +81-77-533-7351

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