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        Multi purpose plant technology

        Company A pharmaceutical intermediate plant

        Toray Engineering has much experience in plants where a high variety of products are manufactured, such as the contract manufacturing industry and toiletries industry. We make proposals for highly flexible plants that are easy for operators to use and boast high production efficiency, and these have been well received.

        Even multipurpose plants have various optimum facility specifications depending on the manufactured products and assumed costs. We propose highly efficient configurations of facilities to meet your needs with the best technological specifications at minimum cost.

        Proposal for contamination prevention, efficient cleaning and product switching

        (Example of solution to fundamental technological problem)
        → preventing adhesion through surface smoothing
        → measures to counter adhesion and collecting on the structure
        → measures to counter adhesion through process improvements
        → improved cleaning efficiency when switching products


        • CONTACT US
        • Tokyo office: +81-3-3241-1973

          Shiga office: +81-77-533-7351

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