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        Polymerization technology

        Polymerization technology

        Polymers and polymer chemicals support the workings of our everyday life, transforming in various ways in the world’s civilized societies.
        The Toray Group has advanced wide-ranging polymer science, from the flamboyant fashion scene to the advanced fields of electronics and medicine.

        As an engineering group central to the production technologies of the Toray Group, and with more than 30 years of history, Toray Engineering has provided a great many customers with a wide range of polymerization technologies.

        Toray Engineering boasts extensive polymerization technologies that are backed by a proven track record in engineering, from development to production facilities, including solution polymerization, bulk polymerization, emulsion polymerization, suspension polymerization and solid-phase polymerization.
        We also offer transportation technologies, technologies for removing material adhesion, technologies for handling high-viscosity fluids, which each play a part in the polymerization process, as well as preventive and safety technologies for operating polymerization plants safely, plus labor-saving and automation technologies that take the environment and energy conservation into consideration.

        Representative achievements

        Type of polymerization Category Application
        Solution polymerization PET, PBT, nylon
        Clothing, films, water purifiers, photocopiers
        Hair care, artificial kidneys, disposable diapers
        Fasteners, toothbrushes, automotive parts
        Semiconductor encapsulants, adhesive materials
        Bulk polymerization ABS, fluoroplastics Automotive parts, corrosion-resistant materials
        Emulsion polymerization Polybutadiene
        Polyvinyl acetate
        Humectants, refrigerants, gaskets
        Adhesives, brighteners
        Suspension polymerization Polystyrene, fluoroplastics
        Polyacrylics, AS resins
        Packaging film, toothbrushes
        Corrosion-resistant materials, filter cloths, gaskets, photocopiers
        Solid-phase polymerization PET, NYLON PET bottles, tire cords, carpets
        Car seats, air bags, fishing nets, fishing line
        Rope, parachutes, artificial turf, filter cloths


        • CONTACT US
        • Tokyo office: +81-3-3241-1973

          Shiga office: +81-77-533-7351

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