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        Pharmaceutical formulation plant

        We build pharmaceutical plants that comply with strict equipment quality requirements and which also combine ease of maintenance/cleaning.

        Company C manufacturing plant for Chinese herbal medicine extract powders

        Company A pharmaceutical enzymes (solid culture) 1

        Company A pharmaceutical enzymes (solid culture) 2

        A variety of expert knowledge is needed for the construction of pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, from production equipment, civil engineering and building, to air-conditioning, ventilation, automated machinery and production control systems. Toray Engineering has adopted a general engineering structure, complete with specialized units in each of these areas.
        In pharmaceutical plants, we build plants that combine line balance optimization with ease of maintenance/cleaning. In addition, we also provide optimal experience-based proposals for the strict equipment quality requirements of sterile pharmaceutical plants.

        Achievements in pharmaceutical plants

        Company A pharmaceutical intermediates (commissioned manufacturing)

        Company A pharmaceutical intermediates (commissioned manufacturing)1

        Company A pharmaceutical intermediates (commissioned manufacturing)2

        Scope of service

        • From basic design to pre-operation testing

        Main points of engineering

        • Increases in yield and productivity through equipment improvements
        • Scheduling of intervals to keep production downtime to a minimum (3 weeks)
        • Modularized design

        Company B preparation of generic pharmaceuticals

        Company B preparation of generic pharmaceuticals


        • Preparation of general medicines
        • Liquid medicines for internal use
        • Solid medicines for internal use (tablets, pills, powdered drugs, capsules)
        • Liquid medicines for external use
        • Ointments

        Scope of service

        • Basic planning

        Main points of engineering

        • Layouts that take into account diversified production

        Company C manufacturing plant for Chinese herbal medicine extract powders

        Company C manufacturing plant for Chinese herbal medicine extract powders

        Scope of service

        • From detailed design to new operation

        Main points of engineering

        • Large drying equipment
        • Facilities configuration with excellent cleaning properties
        • Shortened cleaning and changeover time for high-variety extracts, and reduced workload


        • CONTACT US
        • Tokyo office:+81-3-3241-1973

          Shiga office:+81-77-533-7351

        Technological Field
        Technology >> Sterile & clean > Construction of Pharmaceutical Plant
        Technology >> Plant-related technologies > Polymerization technology

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