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        Pharmaceutical Intermediates Manufacturing Plant

        We can build plants that satisfy the customer’s requirements for product quality and cost competitiveness.

        Company A pharmaceutical intermediate plant


        Medical care continues to evolve at a rapid rate. Toray Engineering’s technologies also play a part in that progress.
        Toray Engineering is highly rated because we meet the strict quality standards required in pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment.
        At Toray Engineering, for the sake of precise design and meticulous construction, we proceed with plant construction with a focus on maintaining communication with customers from the basic planning stage through to maintenance.
        We build Pharmaceutical Intermediates Manufacturing Plant that strike a balance between quality and cost of high-variety small-lot production and cross-contamination prevention. We can build equipment that achieves a balance between quality and cost competitiveness, combining the strengths of a chemical engineering company with our track record in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.  

        Steps in plant construction

        Steps in plant construction

        Achievements in plants manufacturing pharmaceutical intermediates

        Company A pharmaceutical intermediates (commissioned manufacturing)

        Achievements in plants manufacturing pharmaceutical intermediates

        Scope of service

        • From design to validation

        Main points of engineering

        • Multipurpose plant
        • Diverse reaction systems
          • Diverse operating temperatures and operating pressures
          • Diverse capacities, materials, stirring blades
          • Various waste gas treatment


        • CONTACT US
        • Tokyo office: +81-3-3241-1973

          Shiga office: +81-77-533-7351

        Technological Field
        Technology >> Sterile & clean > Construction of Pharmaceutical Plant
        Technology >> Plant-related technologies > Spray dryers

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