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        Plant Engineering

        Plant Engineering

        We have provided a large number of customers with the engineering expertise accumulated and refined by the Toray Group.
        As well as in fiber and resin, we boast a proven track record in pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals.
        From the development stage, turn to Toray Engineering as your partner for business expansion in everything from experimental facilities to commercial plant construction and overseas expansion.


        Construction of Pharmaceutical Plant

        Plant for manufacture of a wide range of pharmaceuticals such as medical pharmaceutical intermediate, synthetic drug ingredient, sterile drug. We have techniques necessary for the latest standards, therefore we are highly appreciated by our customers. Our technologies completely satisfy the latest standards and are highly rated by our customers.

        Fine Chemical Plant Construction

        Plant for manufacture of high-performance chemicals such as functional resin, fine powder. Meeting all the customers’ difficult requests in a technical aspect such as low-volume production of a wide varieties or high-precision measurement, what is more, we can realize plants of high quality in a short period at low cost.

        Synthetic Fiber Plant Construction

        Plant exportation incorporating process know-how of Toray Industries. We offer total services from polymerization to spinning and taking up for manufacturing textile and industrial fiber to mainly overseas customers.

        Polymerization Plant Construction

        Plant for manufacture of a variety of synthetic resin including ABS resin and polyester resin. We can construct high-quality plants by integrating our own engineering know-how in every aspect, such as a unit operation in each process which controls the quality of high-function resin.

        Environment-friendly Plant Construction, New Energy Source Plant Construction

        Engineering aimed at CO2 reduction and Manufacture of materials of secondary cell such as solar cell, LIB.

        Membrane processing equipment

        In processes using polymeric separation membrane, we have an extensive track record, focused on the field of separation refinement, concentration, and desalination processes in chemical production.

        Support for setting up overseas business

        We have rooted in China from 1970’s, and assisted our customers in setting up business or local procurement of equipment.

        Plant Engineering Support

        We provide engineering support for customers expanding their business opportunities, from the planning stage of plant construction, to construction and remodeling work on existing structures.

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