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        HS-930 Foreign Matter Inspection Device for FPDsParticle Inspection System for FPD.

        Fast inspection of foreign matter on glass substrate with submicron sensitivity

        Particle Inspection System


        By adopting our original optical technology, we achieve an inspection speed of about 30% up (compared to HS-830)
        Improved the front / back judging ability to thin substrates


        High speed and high sensitivity for foreign matter measurementis ia available
        Example:114 sec for G6 Glass with standard sensitivity mode
        ? Combine the newly developed front / back determination optics with the conventional inspection principle to realize the front / back determination ability beyond HS - 830
        Example: Over 1: 70 (t = 0.3 mm)
        ? A reviewing microscope make it possible to observe foreign matter and improves yield
        ? Available to from G2 to G10.5 glass size


        · Simultaneous front / back side inspection function
        · Foreign matter map comparison function


        Model HS-930
        Detection method Laser scattering imaging method
        Detection sensitivity Standard sensitivity 1.0µm / high sensitivity 0.3µm (standard particle scattering substrate)
        Spatial resolution 30µm
        Inspection time Substrate Size Standard Sensitivity(1.0µm)Mode High Sensitivity(0.3µm)Mode
        730 × 920 mm 43sec 53sec
        1500 x 1850mm 114sec 141sec
        2200 x 2500mm 195sec 241sec
        2940 x 3370mm 333sec 410sec*1
        Ability to detect front / back 1:70 or more (t = 0.3 mm)

        *1 With our standard 0.3 µm particle spraying

        HS - 830 has been discontinued. In case of maintenance, conntact to our CS department.

        • Related terms
          • Foreign matter inspection
          • Garbage inspection
          • particle
          • Front and back separation
          • High speed inspection
          • Sub-micron sensitivity


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Image processing > FPD-related Inspection Equipment

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