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        HS-830 Foreign Matter Inspection Device for FPDs

        This product has been discontinued.

        High-speed inspection for contaminants on glass substrate with sub-micron sensitivity

        Contaminant inspection equipment


        Like the HS-730, the first inspection device in the industry to offer sub-micron sensitivity, the HS-830 is infused with all the top-notch optical technology that we at Toray Engineering have to offer. This device enables you to detect foreign matter on glass substrate in a quarter of the time it used to take.


        • Allows swift, high-sensitivity inspections,e.g., 86 seconds when inspecting 1100mm x 1300mm substrate.
        • New inspection system combines traditional laser scattering methods with image detection opticals to achieve a high level of inspection reliability and spatial resolution.
        • High spatial resolution and review capability:
          high degree of foreign matter position detection precision enables review with high-magnification microscope possible—impossible with older types of inspection devices.
        • High-magnification review function (total magnification up to 2000 times when converted for 14-inch monitor) included as standard feature.

        Optional function

        • Loader/Unloader
        • AGV/MVG
        • CIM
        • Front/back simultaneous inspection function
        • Contaminant map comparison function

        Principles of HS detection

        Principles of HS detection

        Principles of HS detection

        Principles of HS detection

        HS specifications

        Model HS-830
        Detection method Laser scattering imaging
        Detection data Number and position of foreign objects on glass, chrome or ITO substrate; SML class; foreign matter map and histogram
        Allowable substrate size
        actual inspection time
        (in high-speed inspection mode)
        400mm × 500mm : 24sec
        600mm × 720mm : 41sec
        730mm × 920mm : 55sec
        1100mm × 1300mm : 86sec
        1500mm × 1850mm : 144sec
        2200mm × 2250mm : 277sec
        2950mm × 3130mm : 317sec
        Inspection sensitivity 0.3 μm (standard particle scattering substrate)
        Spatial resolution 30μm
        Front/back separation capacity 20μm(t=1.1mm)
        Review function Standard feature
        • Related terms
          • Contaminant inspection
          • Detritus inspection
          • Particle
          • Front/back separation
          • High-speed inspection
          • Sub-micron sensitivity


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Image processing > FPD-related Inspection Equipment

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