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        Measuring & Analysis Equipment

        Measuring & Analysis Equipment

        Quality management for semiconductor manufacturing processes and liquid crystal panel manufacturing processes, which require nano-order precision. Oxygen analyzers used in firing furnaces and N2 reflow ovens.Water quality meters used to monitor the water quality of plant discharge and the pure water used in semiconductor manufacturing processes.Our measuring and analysis equipment is used in a wide range of fields.


        Optical Semiconductor inspection equipment

        We have a full line-up of inspection systems for the semiconductor production process. All of these systems have earned an outstanding reputation on the production line for their high reliability, ease of operation and minimal running cost.

        FPD Inspection Equipment

        Inspection equipment employing Toray Engineering’s unique optical technology—including foreign matter inspection devices and surface profilers—have won the trust of customers on the LCD, OLED and PDP inspection site where high accuracy is required.

        Measuring & Analysis Equipment

        We offer a line-up of highly precise and reliable measuring and analyzing equipment.

        Electron Beam Semiconductor Wafer Pattern Verification System

        ”The Die to Database algorithm” that compares design data with SEM images solves systematic problems quickly on the leading-edge semiconductor device manufacturing.

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