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        Slit Coater for Transparent Conductive Materials

        Uniform coating of transparent conductive film material is possible.
        We propose a system suitable for electromagnetic shielding and antistatic film.

        Slit Coater for Transparent Conductive Materials

        Our slit coater can uniformly apply transparent conductive material. We will realize high gap coating corresponding to uneven thickness of substrate after slimming, we propose optimum system of coater, cleaning and drying including materials. Downtime can be reduced by 70% compared with ITO sputtering, enabling significant uptime upgrades. In addition to TV and mobile devices, it can be applied to products for flexible display applications.

        PEDOT Properties (reference value)

        (reference value)
        Low Ohmic Transparent Conductive materials High Ohmic Transparent Conductive materials
        Sheet Resistance [Ω/□] 300 1000* 1×109 *
        Hardness - 9H 6H or more 9H
        Transparent Layer Transmittance [%] 95 98 97
        HAZE [%] 0.3 0.2 0.25
        Refractive Index - 1.95 1.50 1.50
        Dry Thickness [nm] 20 500 500

        *Seat resistance can be adjusted from 1000 to 1 × 109 Ω / □


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Application & Coating > Sheet by Sheet Coating Machines

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