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        Probes for Small LCDs

        This product has been discontinued.

        Inspection probe for small LCD panels

        Small probe

        Our FBP technology is widely used even in small LCD probes for small LCD panels in mobile phones. Using the technology we developed through our work with large LCD probing, we have created probes that can handle the small pitch and gentle electrode contact required for smaller LCDs. The probes are compatible with various manufacturers’ lighting tools.


        • Using polyimide molding helps stop electrodes peeling off—previously one of the faults of film probes—and contributes to longer product life.
        • Our probes can handle pitches as small as 30 μm.
        • Compatible with organic EL displays and low-temperature Po?Si.
        • Sheet contact is gentle on panel electrodes.
        • We are able to make multi-compatible probes that can be installed in various manufacturers’ lighting tools upon request.
        Technological Field
        Technology >> Measurement & analysis > LCD Lighting Probes

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