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        TNT Series Optical Mask Type Marking Titlers

        Marking titlers for large substrates

        Mainly used for marking large substrate, the TNT series uses a laser as its light source and a new optical device to achieve high-quality marking.


        • Corresponded to the G11 board
        • Titling with edge exposure for a high throughput rate.
        • High-quality code marking with superior reading (codes can be scanned and read even in array processes).
        • Reduce maintenance time and replacement part costs by using laser source.
        • Substrate is delivered by float transport system which dramatically reduces particles. In addition, static-electricity eliminators are included.
        • We propose optimal system for each customer based on a rich collection of past experiences.
        • High reliability of inter-connection with various manufactures' developer equipment is proven by a rich collection of past projects.
        • No dust occurs by using exposing method.
        • As options, "Edge Exposure Function" is available.(For detail, refer to our "Edge Exposure Equipment" home page.)


        Display field TFT · CF substrate etc.



        Allowable substrate size 730 × 920mm - 2940 x 3370mm
        Glass substrate thickness 0.3-1.1mm
        Takt time 45 sec. (with 8.5th generation substrate using standard Toray Engineering processes)
        Light source Laser Diode
        • Related terms
          • Rectangular code
          • 2D code
          • OCR
          • Exposure method
          • ID marking
          • Moving exposure


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Exposure > Titlers

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