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        Edge Exposure

        These devices eliminate unwanted resist in the edges of LCD panels during the manufacturing process.

        It is a device that performs exposure to remove unnecessary resist at the peripheral part in the manufacturing process of liquid crystal panel.
        We have also launched "Titler with Edge Exposure" which has both peripheral exposure and Titler.


        • Corresponds to the G11 substrate
        • It is possible to expose the central part of the substrate
        • Skip/Step exposure possible (as an option).
        • UV-LED can be used as light source for exposure (lengthens life of light source)
        • Proposal of 'Titler with Edge exposure' attached with Titler function


        Display field TFT?CF Substrate



        Allowable substrate size 300 × 400mm - 2940 x 3370mm
        Glass substrate thickness 0.4-1.1mm
        Takt time 45sec (G6)
        Plate-edge exposure area -70mm
        Light source UV-lamp or UV-LED
        • Related terms
          • Edge exposure
          • UV-LED


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