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        Inner Glass Marking Titlers "TGT series"

        Marking the cord inside the glass substrate using a laser

        It is a device that marks the ID code and alignment mark inside the glass by the inner glass marking (= IGM) method for production management · post-shipment management.


        • Markable inside of raw glass
        • Marking highly reliable code
        • Dust free process requires no cleaning
        • There is no influence of processes or chemicals, and the code does not change with time
        • Marking on thin glass substrate is also possible
        • Automatic quality check function after marking


        Display field Glass, TFT · CF, OLED substrate etc
        Semiconductor field PLP etc.
        Other fields Thin film solar cells, Glass decoration etc.



        Allowable substrate size 300mm×400mm~2,940mm×3,370mm
        Glass substrate thickness 0.4 ~ 2.8mm
        Takt time 40sec (In case of G8.5 4 ID)
        • Related terms
          • ID marking
          • Inner Glass Marking
          • Inside the glass
          • 2D code
          • OCR


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Laser processing > Inner Glass Marking System TRT-hw/iW/gW series

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