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        Slit-nozzle Coater for High Viscosity Liquids

        Most suitable for coating of high-viscosity functional materials

        High viscosity slit-nozzle (370 mm Coating Test Equipment)

        High viscosity Slit-nozzle Coater JPR1

        Toray Engineering’s high-viscosity liquid coater has specially been developed by bringing together its own elemental technology: slit-nozzle, high-precision pump, high-precision stage, and reduced-pressure heating dryer. This coater is suitable for coating high-viscosity pasty-functional-material such as polyimide varnish for flexible display as well as solvent-less high-viscosity material such as adhesion and ultraviolet curing resin.
        With our reduced-pressure heating dryer for high-boiling polyimide and hot oven, Toray Engineering is ready to produce samples for our customers.


        High performance slit nozzles with unique fluid analysis / low pressure loss design are installed, and our high precision discharge pump and precision coating control realize high film thickness accuracy and productivity.
        Available to coating highly viscous liquids in a wide range of fields including polyimide liquid, UV curable resin, adhesive, various functional materials.


        Display field OLED, Touch panel etc.
        Semiconductor field FOPLP etc.
        Electronic board field Various interposers etc.
        Other fields PV, Building materials, etc

        Specifications for slit-nozzle coater for high viscosity liquids

        Glass size G1(300mm×400mm)-G6(1,500mm×1,800mm)
        Viscosity of coating liquid 1,000-20,000cP
        Coating thickness 1–1,000 μm *Consultation required
        Coating thickness precision ±3%
        Coating environment Atmosphere or N2
        Kind of substrate Glass or Film

        Fluid analysis of high viscosity liquids

        Fluid analysis of high viscosity liquids


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Application & Coating > Sheet by Sheet Coating Machines

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