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        Roll to Roll Pattern Coater

        Inkjet patterning and stripe coating using roll to roll

        Our roll-to-roll coating machine can correct the distortion of the film which was impossible with conventional screen printing etc, and it enables high precision printing. In addition, the coating head can be selected from slit nozzles, stripe nozzles, inkjet heads, can be used for a variety of applications, and can be applied to printable electronics as an alternative to screen printing machines and offset printing machines.


        • High precision coating with film distortion correction function
        • Low tension conveyance of substrates
        • Stripe slit nozzles and inkjet head can be selected


        Display field Flexible display etc.
        Semiconductor field RFID, Wearable sensor, etc.
        Other fields Flexible OLED lighting etc.

        Specifications for roll to roll pattern coater

        Film width 300mm/600mm/900mm
        Film transport method Continuous feed 0.5-5.0 (m/min)
        Step feed Instant max. 38 (m/min)
        Coating method Slit coating Continuous/intermittent setting is selectable
        Stripe coat nozzle Nozzle pitch min 200μm
        Ink-Jet head Discharged amount is selectable from 1–40 pL
        Electric spray coating Area coating using mask
        Drying method Hot air circulation/IR heating 50–200°C

        External view of roll to roll pattern coater

        External view of roll to roll pattern coater


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