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        Stripe coater

        Equipped with a nozzle capable of wide-area and high-precision stripe coating

        Stripe coater_G2

        Stripe coater schematic view

        Stripe coater schematic view

        Stripe coater combines the technical know-how of high precision slit nozzles, equipped with large area and high precision stripe coating nozzles.


        The stripe coating nozzle gathering ultra-precision processing technology has very small dispersion in the discharge amount from each nozzle hole, it is possible to intermittently apply a stripe-shaped ultrafine wire of minimum 50 μm in thin and with high accuracy .
        By application of the coating using this stripe coating nozzle, compared with the photolithography process, the process and coating materials are greatly reduced.


        Display field OLED: Light emitting layer (EML), hole injection layer (HIL), hole transport layer (HTL) etc.

        Specifications for stripe coater

        Glass size Up to G8.5 (2200 mm × 2500 mm)
        Stripe nozzle tip width Min. 60μm
        Stripe nozzle pitch Min. 220μm
        Coating thickness 3,840 for 4K2K application
        Stripe nozzle width Up to 55" ( in future 70")
        Viscosity of coating liquid 1 to 100 cp (for OLED)
        Coating thickness(dry) 10 to 1000 nm (for OLED)
        Coating thickness precision ±5% or less
        Excluded region Less than 0.5 mm
        Material utilization efficiency 95% or higher


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Application & Coating > Sheet by Sheet Coating Machines
        Technology >> Application & Coating > Application & Coating Technologies

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