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        Inkjet coater

        Draws patterns and such without using masks

        Inkjet coater

        Coating material includes functional materials such as water-soluble ink, oily ink, solvent ink, pigment mixed ink, and silver nano-ink. The ink-jet printer can perform pattern coating, block coating, and fine patterning (micro wiring) by optimally arranged ink-jet heads based on the material and pattern configuration. In addition to the above, the following applications are as a coating of a functional material; a light emitting material for an organic EL (OLED), a coating of QD, OLED sealing (TFE), an organic semiconductor material essential for manufacturing an organic transistor.

        Specifications for inkjet coater

        Work size
        Please consult us separately about flexible substrate, including film.
        Environment in system Accurate temperature control
        About special environment, including low dew point, consult us separately.
        Coating liquid Solvent Liquid viscosity ~ 12 CP
        Sample liquid is needed to be supplied. Discharge test is necessary.
        Options Substrate alignment function Alignment system using two CCD cameras.
        Inspection system for poor discharge Instant defect distinguishing from many nozzles
        Flying droplet observation system Online monitoring of discharge condition
        Droplet impact observation camera Online monitoring of impact condition
        Maintenance system Wiper and reserve cap
        Inform us of liquid in advance to optimize system.
        Offline Mapping Ability to create recipe offline
        Mapping creation function canceling performance difference for each device

        IJ patterns

        IJ patterns


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Application & Coating > Application & Coating Technologies

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