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        TSCoater (Toray Slit-nozzle Coater)

        High accuracy single wafer coater boasting an overwhelming share of the market for FPD color filters

        Our TSCoater is widely used in Japan and overseas for the production processes of LCD panel color filters and TFT arrays.


        • In-house developed slit nozzle realizes thin film and high precision coating
        • Adopt our proprietary high precision sealless pump with high responsiveness and quantitative
        • High quality coating by adopting high precision stage
        • Reduce speed unevenness by adopting a low center of gravity and high rigidity gantry
        • Applicable to COA process the most difficult technologies among color filter (CF) manufacturing
        • We have coating evaluation equipment that can handle up to the G11 substrate and meet customer needs
        • Excellent maintenance and after-sales service


        Display field TFT · CF substrate etc.
        Other fields PV, building materials, etc.


        • Floating type
        • Gantry type
        • Moving stage type

        Specifications for slit-nozzle coater

        Substrate size 1,100 mm wide × 1,300 mm long through 2,400 mm wide × 2,600 mm long
        Coating material Resin black matrix, RGB, OC, PS, MVA, Posi resist, other PR
        Coating accuracy Within ±3 %
        Coating method Non-spinning slit nozzle coating
        Takt time (reference value) Minimum 40 seconds
        Option Auto job change, Bump detector, Glass thickness 0.3t


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Application & Coating > Sheet by Sheet Coating Machines

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