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        FPD Production Equipment

        FPD Production Equipment

        We provide TSCoater, which tops the industry’s worldwide share, as well as a wide range of equipment to support the production of LCD panels.We have the latest coating technology, such as inkjet coating and ESC (Electro Spray Coating).With the reliability and production expertise gained from our experience in the mass production of color filters, we are able to provide optimal solutions to suit the varied coating needs of our customers.



        In addition to the TSCoater, which already has a proven record in the LCD industry for its superior uniform coating quality, we also provide a variety of other coaters.。


        A titler is a device that marks two-dimensional codes and OCR characters as a means of product identification information marking. We boast an extensive line-up of titlers to cover the various marking methods that may be required for different products and purposes.

        2D Code Readers

        These systems read two-dimensional codes marked on FPD glass substrates with a titler.We have a full lineup of readers to suit various applications.

        LCD Lighting Probes

        Using the technology we developed through our work with large LCD probing, we have created probes that can handle the small pitch and gentle electrode contact required for smaller LCDs.The probes are also compatible with various manufacturers’ lighting jigs.

        Micro LED Manufacturing Equipment

        By laser irradiation, this equipment performs failure Mini LED removal.

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