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        Roll to Roll Exposure

        Responding to customer's needs based on actual results on production line

        There are more than 200 machines in domestic and overseas, and many major manufacturers have adopted it.


        • Unique optical design realizes high resolution and high accuracy
        • Supports both plane and vertical conveying style of roll-to-roll film
        • Glass mask and film mask can be used in step change
        • Single-sided / double-sided available
        • Proximity / contact available
        • Available product widths of 500 mm or more


        Display field Touch panel, Fine metal mask Film display etc.
        Electronic Substrate Field FPC, Lead Frame, etc.


        • DFR:Honeycomb pattern t40μm
        • DFR:L/S=10/10μm
        • LPR:S=12μm


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Movement & positioning > Roll to Roll/Roll to Sheet Movement & Positioning
        Technology >> Exposure > Exposure Systems

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