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        Laser Patterning Equipment for Thin-film Multilayer Trimming

        Achieving selective processing by lasers to thin films multilayer

        Developing a technology to selectively process only the target layer of thin films multilayer at nanometer level by our proprietary optical technology.
        We achieve the process to remove only the metal layer or organic film layer without damage to the baselayer, in the field of organic thin-film solar cells, organic EL lighting etc..



        Substrate size ~ 600mm
        Available to a sheet substrate
        Laser wavelength 1064 nm / 532 nm / 355 nm
        Takt time Depend on patterning specifications.
        • Related terms
          • Direct processing
          • High speed machining
          • High precision machining
          • Patterning
          • Laser processing


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Laser processing > Laser Patterning Equipment "HWS series"

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