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        High Accuracy Laser Patterning Equipment for Thin Metal film

        Achieving high Accuracy processing onto ultra-large substrates

        Alignment marks and insulation pattern processing are available for transparent electrode films such as ITO and metal thin films such as Cu and Al.
        Achieved high position accuracy processing (± 15 um @ G6) by our unique alignment and patterning technology.



        Substrate size ~ 3370 mm × ~ 2940 mm
        ※ G10.5 generation is available.
        Laser wavelength 1064 nm / 532 nm / 355 nm
        Takt time Depend patterning specifications.
        • Related terms
          • Direct processing
          • High speed machining
          • High precision machining
          • Patterning
          • Laser processing


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Laser processing > Laser Patterning Equipment "HWS series"

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