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        Roll to Roll Thermal Imprint System

        Able to form nano-patterns on roll to roll film

        Roll to roll plate thermal imprint system

        Roll to roll continuous thermal imprint system

        Compact roll-to-roll thermal imprinting device for testing

        Toray Engineering offers a high speed thermal imprint machine for forming nano-patterns on roll to roll film!
        High throughput can be reached by unique high speed heating and cooling system and releasing and supplying unit.
        High speed forming of moth eye pattern can be possible.
        High speed forming of Moth eye pattern is also possible.
        Able to perform very fine, high-accuracy, and high-speed forming on film surface that is difficult using traditional processing methods.

        Example of patterns

        • Moth eye structure on PMMA film
        • High aspect ratio L/S pattern on COC film
        • Separate dot pattern on COC film


        Moth-eye structure

        • Improving light capturing / extracting
        • Antireflection for display
        • Cell culture / Biochips

        High Aspect RatioL/S Pattern

        • Micro louver
        • Microchannel

        Separate dot pattern

        • Light guide film · optical sheet
        • Related terms
          • Thermal imprinting
          • Nano imprinting
          • Thermal nano imprinting
          • Optical imprinting
          • Continuous thermal imprinting
          • Plate thermal imprinting
          • Continuous thermal imprinting
          • Plate thermal imprinting
          • Stamper
          • Nano processing
          • Mold


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Movement & positioning > Roll to Roll/Roll to Sheet Movement & Positioning
        Technology >> Assembly & processing > Film Production & Processing

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