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        Laser Patterning Equipment "HWS series"

        From sheet-by-sheet to roll-to-roll, supporting glass, film, and metal foil

        From sheet-by-sheet to roll-to-roll, Toray Engineering's laser patterning technology supports glass, film, and metal foil.
        With our unique laser processing system, we are able to achieve high throughput.Our equipment can support all types of laser wavelengths.

        Nonstop laser patterning system

        This equipment can process a substrate while it is moving, without the substrate having to stop.
        The substrate no longer undergoes a repeated process of remaining stationary and then being repositioned, thereby achieving the previously difficult task of increasing both speed and accuracy of processing thin film PV. This approach also enables the reduction of equipment size.

        • Related terms
          • Direct processing
          • High-speed processing
          • High-accuracy processing
          • Patterning
          • Laser processing


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Laser processing > Laser Patterning Equipment "HWS series"

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