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        Test Slitting Machine

        Test machine installed at our Shiga Plant

        Test Slitting Machine

        Gang cutting unit

        Individual shear cutting unit

        Enables optimal slit testing based on the customer's materials and conditions.

        ■Test Slitting Machine


        • Ensures a high-quality wound product by using a horizontally moving friction shaft and special gang cutter.


        Substrate width : Max.650mm
        Machine speed : Max.100m/min

        ■Gang cutting unit


        • A high-accuracy special gang cutting method enables burr-free, high-quality slitting of metal foils. It is also ideal for slitting thick films.

        ■Individual shear cutting unit


        • Conditions such as contact pressure, toe-in angle, and overlap amount can be adjusted and numerically controlled to suit the substrate.

        Individual shear cutting unit


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Assembly & processing > Film Production & Processing

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