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        Roll to Sheet Laminating Machine

        Uniform lamination of highly functional materials

        Roll to Sheet Laminating Machine 01

        N2 Purging + High-Temperature Laminating Machines

        We propose new processes that integrate coating, laminating and slitting technologies.

        ■Roll to Sheet Laminating Machine

        • Achieves high productivity with a compact machine.
        • Enables stable lamination by continuously laminating cut film.
        • Vision-based sheet-by-sheet position correction ensures consistency.
        • Accommodates a variety of sheet sizes.


        Pressurization force : 150N/cm
        Substrate width Max.1,800mm
        Machine speed Max.40m/min

        ■N2 Purging + High-Temperature Laminating Machines

        • We supply machines ideally suited to the customer's materials.


        Pressurization force 3,000N/cm
        Substrate width : 650mm
        Heating roll temp. : Max.400℃
        Oven temp. (internal) : Max.350℃


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Movement & positioning > Roll to Roll/Roll to Sheet Movement & Positioning
        Technology >> Assembly & processing > Film Production & Processing

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