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        Coating Machines for Mass Production

        Highly efficient coating machines at the forefront of the industry

        Wide coating machine for mass production

        Using our unique slit die coating technology, we provide high-quality systems capable of methods such as simultaneous double-sided coating and pattern coating.


        • Highly efficient production utilizing simultaneous double-sided coating with high precision
        • High-speed pattern coating using special valve
        • Automatic film thickness control that contributes to improvement in yield rate

        ■Specifications for mass production coating machine (example)

        Substrate width Max, 1,000mm
        Machine speed Max. 150m/min
        Coating methods Slit die, doctor roll, etc.
        Dryer Max. 80 m (Drying method: Floating, roll support, etc.)


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Application & Coating > Roll to Roll Coating Machines

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