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        Test Coating Machines

        Able to carry out coating tests according to our customers’ materials and coating conditions

        Multi-Unit Coating System

        Compact Multi-layer Coating Machine

        High-Speed Wide Coating Machine

        We have test coating machines permanently installed at our Shiga plant.
        Enables you to carry out coating tests using your own materials to find the optimal solution.

        ■Multi-Unit Coating System
        Capable of various coating methods, such as hot-melt coating and simultaneous double-sided coating.
        By using multi-unit for the coating portion, it is capable of coating methods other than slit-die coating, such as gravure coating.
        Capable of handling various drying conditions, such as roll support and floating, by changing the drying nozzle.


        Substrate width Max.450mm
        Machine speed : Max.45m/min
        Dryer : 2.5m x 3 zones (roll support, floating) * Can also use UV

        ■Compact Multi-layer Coating Machine
        You can carry out coating tests using small quantities of materials for research purposes, including simultaneous multi-layer coating, etc.


        Substrate width : Max.300mm
        Machine speed : Max.100m/min
        Dryer : 1m×2 Zone (IR)

        ■High-Speed Wide Coating Machine


        Substrate width Max.1,100mm
        Machine speed Max.300m/min


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Application & Coating > Roll to Roll Coating Machines

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