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        Film production test line

        We provide optimal systems to our customers, using our rich experiences in designing and producing film production lines, and using film production test lines.

        Film production test line

        Feel free to contact us about R&D of new materials, or before implementing production and test facilities.

        Line composition

        • Twin screw extruder (with gear pump attached)
        • Socket
        • Casting Machine
        • Longitudinal Stretching Machine
        • Mill Roll Winding Machine
        • Biaxial stretching machine (offline)


        • Compact line composition
          The amount of raw materials used during testing is kept low so as to reduce the burden on our customers
        • Able to handle high-temperature extrusion (max. 400°C)
          Can be used for extruding and forming heat-resistant film, etc.
        • Various stretching patterns (longitudinal stretching machine)
          Able to study the most appropriate stretching conditions by changing the roll’s position.
        • Easily obtain samples within the process
          Able to obtain samples from within the process, something which is difficult in production machines
        • Stretch testing using biaxial stretching machine (offline)
          Able to conduct sheet by sheet single-axis and biaxial stretch testing (simultaneous, sequential).

        Specifications for film production test line


        Type Twin screw extruder
        Output volume Max.10kg/h (*)
        Screw diameter φ26mm
        Temperature MAX 400℃

        Sheet forming


        Output width 400mm
        Manifold Single layer coat hanger
        Film thickness 10 – 200 μm (*)

        Casting Machine

        Machine speed 0.5-5m/min
        Casting drum φ200mm x L500mm
        Drum temperature 20-70℃

        Incidental equipment

        Device for pinning
        Static wire
        Pinch roll
        Air nozzle

        Longitudinal Stretching Machine

        Machine speed (low-speed end) 0.5-5m/min
        Machine speed (high-speed end) 2-20m/min
        Stretching ratio 1 – 4 (*)
        Roll temperature Max.160℃


        Machine speed 0.5-20m/min
        Core diameter 6inch

        Biaxial stretching machine(offline)

        Stretch zone 40mm - 145mm
        Temperature MAX 400℃
        Tension MAX 500℃
        Speed 5~300mm/min

        * Varies depending on the material, physical properties, etc.


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