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        Film Production & Processing Equipment

        From film production lines to processes such as coating (coaters), laminating (laminators), cutting (slitters), and even high value-added processes such as film patterning and thermal imprinting/etching, we are able to recommend the most appropriate solutions to our customers using the design and production expertise we have nurtured to date.


        Film Production Line

        Based on our extensive track record and know-how, we offer optimal film production lines for a wide range of purposes from high-functionality films to general-purpose films.

        CCL Production Machine

        We provide laminators and slitters for CCL (copper clad laminate) production.

        Slit Die Coating Machines

        We provide high-quality coating methods for film formation, pattern coating and other processes by exploiting our unique slit die coating technology.

        Laminating Machines

        We offer superior laminating machines equipped with our special transfer technology, which also provide accurate, continuous lamination of pattern coated, highly functional materials.

        Slitting Machines

        We offer superior slitting machines for a wide variety of applications by developing slitting technologies including our special gang cutting unit and taking full advantage of our experience as a film expert.

        Laser Cutter

        Film cutters using laser.Can be used for roll to roll process or sheet by sheet process depending on the usage.

        Exposure Systems

        Using our experiences with production lines for FPC (flexible printed circuits) and TAB (tape automated bonding), we are able to provide proposals for T-BGA (ball grid array package substrates using TAB tape) lines to meet the demand for substrates with high-density bonding.

        Laser Patterning

        Nonstop laser patterning equipment that can inscribe a substrate while it is moving, without the substrate having to stop.

        Roll to Roll Thermal Imprint System

        High-speed thermal imprinting system for nano-pattern forming on RtoR film.
        High throughput can be reached by unique high speed heating and cooling system and releasing & supplying unit.
        High speed forming of Moth eye pattern is also possible.

        Polyimide Etching

        Using our patented, safe chemical agents, this is a revolutionary new method of polyimide film etching for new forms of semiconductor packages such as CSP and T-BGA.

        Roll Coater System

        Contactless transfer system which avoids damaging the film, and also prevents dust or foreign particles from getting attached to the film.

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