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        Airframe Assembly

        Driving the Automation of Riveting in Airframe Assembly


        Example of parts for riveting


        We offer 5-axis numerical control (NC) riveters capable of large-size precision processing and handling for use in the aircraft industry. Our machines, which join aircraft external panels to structural members by riveting, are capable of accurate fine-positioning in large-size systems and work.

        5-axis Numerical Control (NC) Riveter


        • Rivets the aluminum skin of the aircraft to the structural members such as stringers
        • High-accuracy positioning and processing of large materials
        • Ensures drilling at a right angle on the correct drilling position detected on a curved surface
        • Direct measurement and adjustment of the distance between the object and riveter ensure high-accuracy riveting


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Movement & positioning > Machines related to Factory automation
        Technology >> Assembly & processing > Factory automation

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