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        Film Handling System

        Automation and Reduced Manpower in Various Factories Including Film Factories

        Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) film winding machine

        Film packing machine

        Film handling robot

        Automated warehouse for film products


        We have solutions to achieve automation and reduce manpower for various types of factories, including film factories
        In addition, we provide total systems tailored to your needs, from secondary processing machines such as coaters and slitters, to packaging.

        Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Film Winding and Packing Machine

        Machine overview

        • EVA film winding and packing: Film winding machine
        • EVA film winding and packing: System overview
        • EVA film winding and packing: Actual film winding machine

        Easily connected to the downstream process


        • Optimal layout and configuration to requirement specifications and budget
        • Automated turret-employed, tape-less changeover
        • Accommodates low-tension winding (15 N or less)
        • Automated traceability system with automatic labeling of production status and defects.
        • High-extendability to the downstream processes, automatically connected AGV, to a packing process to a warehouse with a labor-saving transportation method

        Specification Examples

        Automatic 2-axis turret-type, tapeless Winding Changeover Machine
        Applicable film width 1,200 mm or wider (actual results with EVA film)
        Film feed speed 10 to 30 m/min (reference only)
        Dimensions (machine) 5,500 L × 3,800 W × 2,200 H (mm) or smaller
        Tension control Dancer roll plus Tension pick-up roll
        Trimming 2-wide-strip trimming available

        Film packing machine

        Film handling and packing machine

        Film handling and packing machine: Work flow

        Work Flow

        1. Transfer the products and measure their weights
        2. Wrap them with film
        3. Attach supports to them.
        4. Put them in the boxes
        5. Palletize them


        • Accommodates a wide variety of products and packaging forms; automatic packing of a packaging film and supports
        • Automated traceability system with automatic labeling of production status, product weights and defects, etc.
        • Layout on the basis of the flow of operators, products and packaging materials increases the yield rate including the efficiency in packing material replenishment
        • Labor-saving in inter-process transportation from AGV, to a packing process, to a warehouse

        Specification Examples

        Film width 1,200 mm
        Product case size 1,200 × αW × 400 L × 400 H (mm)
        Tact time 60 sec/case (for reference)
        Other specs Automated film packaging, Product management with QR code

        Total Engineering

        Please feel free to consult with us about any and all wishes such as:

        • Reducing total costs
        • Maintaining or improving product quality
        • Ensuring compatibility with new products and/or multi-products
        • Increasing production efficiency
        • Optimizing use of limited space
        • Accommodating multi-products
        • We provide solutions tailored to your needs.

        Example of a Film Processing Plant

        We offer integrated material handling systems for all types of film production processes tailored to your needs.

        • Safety  Highly safe machinery with automated movement and transfer of heavy objects
        • Quality  Improved quality and yield through reduction of human error
        • Comfort  An optimized layout taking into account traffic lines of people and workpieces, and ease-of-maintenance
        • Efficiency  Cross-line concept for improved operating rate and dispersion of risk Greater efficiency of work by workers through coexistence with automatic machinery
        • Expansion  Flexible machinery configurations and layouts to suit plans for increased production

        Film handling: Slitter (two-unit integration)

        • AGV transfer
          Film handling: AGV transfer
        • Automated warehouse
          Film handling: Automated warehouse
        • Robot handling
          Film handling: Robot handling


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Movement & positioning > Machines related to Factory automation
        Technology >> Factory management & production management systems > Film Handling System

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