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        Organic Photoconductor Coating (OPC) Machine

        Dip Coating Machine for Photoreceptor Drums

        OPC cleaning

        OPC coating

        OPC processing


        This is a dip coating machine for organic photoreceptor drums, which are the main components in copiers and laser printers.
        It is able to minimize speed fluctuations and bubble formation.
        Beginning with the coating portion which suppresses equipment vibrations to within microns, the line comprises various portions incorporating expertise for explosion-prevention, cleaning, and other functions. This stabilizes the coating film to achieve a high-precision coating with an accuracy of within 5 μm.

        Additional information: OPC Coating Machine

        Suitable for coating organic photoreceptor used for copiers, laser printers, facsimiles
        Achieved high-accuracy coating by reducing even slight vibrations using our unique technology

        Line Configuration Example

        Work Flow

        OPC work flow


        • Accommodates flexible production plans and multi-product production
        • Centralized Monitoring System monitoring all production processes, Product-by-Product traceability
        • Automated solvent cleaning/pure water cleaning
        • Maintained low-vibration environment
        • Minimized speed variation and bubble formation
        • Cleanliness level: Class 100
        • Adjustable air volume in the course of coating
        • Optimal coating materials mixing machine to meet your needs
        • Anti-explosion type

        Constituent Unit Examples

        OPC cleaning

        Automated Cleaning

        • Brush cleaning
        • Spray cleaning
        • Drying/cooling unit
        • Other units


        • Multi-products applicable using multi-stage chucks

        OPC processing

        Posterior Processing

        • Gear assembly
        • Inspection
        • Packaging/packing
        • Other applications

        Examples of Line Configuration using Standard Units

        Example 1: Continuous 3-layer coating

        3-layer OPC line configuration

        Example 2: 1-layer continuous coating

        1-layer OPC line configuration

        Standard Units Customized Optional Units
        • Manual material loading unit
        • Coating unit
        • Bottom wiper unit
        • Slurry circulation unit
        • Drying/cooling unit
        • Manual product-unloading unit
        • Drum reception/storage/unpacking unit
        • Automatic material loading unit
        • Automatic cleaning unit
        • Mixing unit
        • Other units
        • Production management system


        Technological Field
        Technology >> Application & Coating > Coating application machine

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