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        Cell Packaging Machines

        Compact assembly line configuration

        We are able to meet wide ranging needs, from single machines to fully-automatic equipment, tailored to our customers’ battery designs and production plans.


        • Propose most appropriate equipment configuration based on battery design and production plan
        • Can handle batteries from small to large sizes
        • Clean transfer technology built up through experiences with semiconductors and FPD
        • Various types of inspections essential to quality control of batteries
        • Enhanced productivity with high-speed liquid filling
        • Jig-less, allowing for size to be flexibly changed
        • Reduced changes in set-up using material automatic supply
        • Compact assembly line
        • Significant reduction in time for product changeover
        • Reduced manpower
        • Integrating nine processes into one


        • Production control system To ensure product traceability, manage work progress, and prevent operator mistakes.

        We are also able to connect to your core systems.

        Production control system

        Production control system

        Assembly process

        Assembly process: TAB/forming
        Assembly process: Three-way seal/vacuum drying
        Assembly process: Liquid-filling/gas extraction and sealing
        Assembly process: Charging/edging

        Example of compact assembly line

        Compact assembly line configuration


        • CONTACT US
        • Tokyo office: +81-3-3241-1491

          Shiga office: +81-77-533-7388

        Technological Field
        Technology >> Assembly & processing > LIB-related Facilities

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