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        May 23, 2022

        Donation Through the Japan Committee for UNICEF

        As a part of its social contribution activities, Toray Engineering’s subsidiary, Toray Engineering West Co., Ltd. (head office: Otsu, Shiga, President: Nobumitsu Otsubo, hereafter “Toray Engineering West”) has donated through the Japan Committee for UNICEF.

        Toray Engineering West has extensively promoted impactful social activities under the Toray group’s philosophy, “contributing to society.” The world faces severe ongoing human rights crises imposed by armed clashes and the massive poverty expansion caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Toray Engineering West contributed to support solutions to such challenges, answering requests from the “fund to protect the life and future of the children under human rights crises” and the “emergency appeal for the COVID-19 response.”

        The Toray Engineering group ranks Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as one of its essential management tasks. As a good corporate citizen, it continues its active involvement in and contributions to the further development of community and society.


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