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        May 19, 2022

        Support for Scientific Advancement and Environmental Conservation Activities

        Toray Engineering Co., Ltd. (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; CEO & COO: Takashi Iwade; hereafter “Toray Engineering”) is pleased to announce that for the advancement of science and expansion of environmental conservation activities, it has made donations to the following organizations: the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo, the Lake Biwa Museum in Shiga Prefecture, and Shizuoka Prefecture’s Fujisan World Heritage Division through its Culture Bureau in Sports, Culture and Tourism Department.

        Because of its philosophy of “contributing to society,” the Toray group continues to be active in a broad spectrum of scientific promotion and support for the activities that mitigate negative impacts to global sustainability. Toray Engineering made the contributions above to organizations in local Toray locations, believing that through its donations, Toray will positively impact the communities’ development.

        Toray Engineering ranks Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as one of its essential management tasks. As a good corporate citizen, it continues its active involvement and financial support to society.


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