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        Jan. 19, 2022

        Dispatch class by visiting Otsu city municipal Kitaoji junior high school

        Dispatch class was held on December 16, 2021 by Miss Futami, a stuff member of Public Relations & Advertising Sec. of General Affair Department, who visited Otsu city municipal Kitaoji junior high school in Shiga prefecture for a career lesson targeted for the students of three classes of 2nd grader (about 100 members).

        At the start of the lesson, a member of Toray CSR Operations DEPT gave a lecture of the topic ?Relation between advanced materials and global environment” that explains about the relation between knowledges of science and social issues. Then Miss Futami talked about the mental attitude in career selection, mixing with episodes and experiences in her career as an athlete and a business person.

        In the lesson, she communicated with those students by supporting them in the experiment, in which students can experience how the water treatment technology contributes to solve social problems. Then in the career selection part, the latter half of the lesson, she shared with those students the thought that important are committing to one’s ?Dream”,and taking care of one’s feeling without being confused by the opinions of people around.

        This lesson was performed, with thorough countermeasures against corona infection, by responding to the request of the local junior high school that intends to have students be experienced to contact with society in their career selection in spite of the situation that field trips and off-campus trainings have been postponed because of corona pandemic.

        We place CSR as a crucial management issue, and intend to positively continue the engagement in contribution activities to local societies through dispatch lessons as a member of ?Good Corporate Citizen”.

        Support for the science experiment by Toray.

        Support for the science experiment by Toray.

        Miss Futami talks to the students of Kitaoji junior high school.

        Miss Futami talks to the students of Kitaoji junior high school.


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