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        Management Philosophy

        Toray has defined the following Management Philosophy as the fundamental charter to be implemented by the company.
        This Management Philosophy stipulates the conditions to be observed by the company and its executives and employees in various corporate activities. As a member of the Toray Group, Toray Engineering strives to realize this Management Philosophy.

        Corporate Philosophy

        Contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products

        Corporate Missions

        For our customers To provide new value to our customers through high-quality products and superior services
        For our employees To provide our employees with opportunities for self development in a challenging environment
        For our shareholders To provide our shareholders with dependable and trustworthy management
        For society To establish ties and develop mutual trust as a responsible corporate citizen

        Corporate Guiding Principles

        Safety and Environment

        Placing top priority on safety, accident prevention and environmental preservation in order to protect the safety and health of employees, customers and local communities and contribute to building a sustainable society

        Ethics and Fairness

        Acting with fairness, high ethical standards and a strong sense of responsibility while complying with laws, regulations and social norms to earn trust and meet social expectations


        Providing solutions of high value to customers, and pursuing customer satisfaction and the world’s highest level of quality


        Achieving continuous innovation in all corporate activities, and aiming for dynamic evolution and growth

        Strong Genba-Ryoku (Workplace Competency)

        Learning from one another and making self-driven efforts to leverage technologies and expertise in order to strengthen workplace competency, which is the foundation of our corporate activities

        Cooperation and Co-creation

        Forming integrated internal linkages and strategic alliances with external partners, and evolving together with society by creating new value

        Emphasis on Human Resources

        Providing motivating work environments where employees can demonstrate their abilities, and building a vibrant corporate culture

        Information Disclosure

        Appropriately disclosing corporate information and enhancing communication with stakeholders in order to maintain management transparency

        Respect for Human Rights

        Fulfilling our responsibility to respect human rights as a good corporate citizen

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