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        Aug. 25, 2022PressRelease
        TRENG D Launches TONOPS® Logistics, a Logistics Management System Using AI Technology ~A One-Stop Solution to Improve Efficiency from Shipping to Delivery~
        Jul. 1, 2022News
        Notice of a Subsidiary’s Name Change
        Apr. 25, 2022PressRelease
        Exhibit at the international display exhibition,“Touch Taiwan 2022”
        Apr. 21, 2022PressRelease
        Toray Engineering and MAQsys sign joint project agreement Aiming to commercialize drug discovery research tools for ion channels
        Apr. 5, 2022News
        “CN Promotion Department”,a newly established organization to accelerate the efforts for carbon neutrality
        Mar. 31, 2022PressRelease
        Commencement of Sales of Resin Molding Simulation Software PD Advisor® 3.0
        First in industry to come with function that proposes optimal design against deformation during molding
        Mar. 3, 2022PressRelease
        Introducing Electron Beam Semiconductor Wafer Pattern Verification System NGR?5500 with the Highest Level of Throughput and Accuracy in the World for Semiconductor Circuit Inspection
        Mar. 1, 2022News
        Notice Regarding Subsidiary Renaming
        Dec. 10, 2021PressRelease
        Commencement of Full-scale Sales of RAP-LLO Series of High-efficiency MicroLED Display Manufacturing Equipment Installed with AI Technology
        Nov. 17, 2021PressRelease
        Development of New Biometric Measurement System "μ-CAS" That Allows Easy and Highly Accurate Measurement of Muscle Fatigue
        Jul. 14, 2021PressRelease
        Introducing a High-performance Model that Combines AI with an Inspection Algorithm
        in the INSPECTRA? Series of Semiconductor Wafer Inspection System
        Mar. 15, 2021News
        The Receipt of 2019 Supplier Achievement Award from Intel Corporation
        Feb. 8, 2021PressRelease
        Announcement of Taiwan Branch Integration
        Mar. 30, 2020PressRelease
        Reorganization of Solutions Businesses
        Jul. 31, 2019News
        Actions for EU RoHS on Toray Oxygen Analyzer

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